Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Alova Hospitality provides luxury hotel management services for luxury hotels & resorts. Alova Hospitality is looking for hotel and resorts in excellent locations, in line with our brand and philosophy of service excellence.
Alova Hospitality is built on the recognized success of the flagship resort in Kerala. It is firmly established as an innovative and stylish luxury resort, operated on the philosophy that personalized and memorable bespoke experiences add value to each individual guest’s luxury lifestyle.
Alova Hospitality, it’s each business unit is dedicated to complying with its brand standard while meeting its profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction goals. The company offers management expertise across a widely diverse and complementary business spectrum.

Development Services

Alova Hospitality has quickly established itself as a respected leader in the management and development fields for new and existing luxury hotel and resort properties. Through innovation in design, marketing, and financial management, Alova Hospitality looks to expand in key locations worldwide with like-minded partners. Alova Hospitality offers the following development services for hotel properties in the 5-star, full- service category, where our expertise and management understanding adds significant value:
Hospitality pre-development, pre-opening and technical services – Alova Hospitality provides developers of new or existing projects with technical assistance in design, FF&E budgets and specifications, sales and marketing, training, and coordination of various disciplines during crucially important pre-opening, development, acquisition and/or rebranding process.

Hospitality Operations

Alova Hospitality is committed to building strong and transparent relationships with developers and hotel owners in established and emerging luxury destinations.
Alova Hospitality assists owners and operators with an overall evaluation of their operations to detect areas in need of improvement and increase productivity. This includes operations, information technology, reservations, human resources and all other aspects of hotel operations ranging from Alova Hospitality branded properties or white label solutions.
In addition to the company’s development services, Alova Hospitality’s financial acumen allows us to provide investment consultation and project evaluation or in highly curated hand-picked cases, explore partnership opportunities with hotel owners as core performer with the underneath key heads: