Luxury Spa

Luxury Spa

Spa Alova Hospitality is the leading professional luxury spa chain in India and also known as Best Spa management company in India, incorporated under Alova Hospitality –(PAN India) registered under IP Act of 1932 and presently rendered its Spa & Wellness services Countrywide as one of the Best Spa & Wellness Centre, presenting various excited luxurious offers where thousands of clients experiencing Therapeutic Body Massages & Beauty Care Treatments. Spa Alova Hospitality affiliated with ‘ABTC’ , an authorised Indian Section of CIDESCO International (Comité International d'Esthétique et de Cosmétology).

Spa Alova Hospitality is the India’s fastest Growing Chain of Professional Luxury Spa, also known as Best Spa and Wellness Centre, Best Therapeutic Body Massage & Beauty Care Centre in the major Metropolitan Cities. Alova Hospitality is also an International Spa & Wellness consulting and Management Company that focuses on the creation, management and operation of luxury Spas and Wellness centres & Health Clubs, mainly for Luxury segment Hotels & Resorts. Our philosophy is to focus on individualisation, rather standardization, because each client and each spa unit is unique.

As per the market demand our services also applied to upscale larger segment Day Spas and Wellness Centres & Health Clubs. As a full-service company capable of handling the entire life cycle of spas and wellness centres, from concept to operation and periodical renovations, we can ensure continuity and consistency in terms of standards and services. This, in turn, builds and reinforces the spa’s value and the rate of repeat guests.

Our Mission

Spa-Alova Hospitality has its extensive mission to become a leading Professional Luxury Spa Chain in India and in the forthcoming days we aim to expand our services into a greater customer base as a multinational company.

Our Vision

Spa-Alova Hospitality blended with strong bond to provide customers with a rejuvenating, relaxing and excellent service reconnecting to Body, Soul and Mind in their daily lives to the true purpose through a wide range of holistic methods of Therapeutic Body Treatments, Body Exercise works, energy works, and beauty artistry followed thorough International standards of Cosmetology - CIDESCO (Comité International d'Esthétique et de Cosmétology).

Location and Overview

Spa-Alova Hospitality is one of the best Spa and Beauty Therapy establishment providing restless services to their both Domestic & Foreign Customers. During the course of its journey, Spa & Beauty Care business has established a stable position in the Industry. Spa-Alova Hospitality has its existence countrywide in the major Cosmopolitan & Metropolitan Cities having its registered office at DLF City Phase IV, Opp. Galleria Market, Sector 28, Satellite City Gurgaon, Gurgaon-122002 (Delhi NCR)

Product and Services Offered:

Alova Hospitality offers a wide variety of mind and body healing services and products. The Spa & Beauty Care aspect of the business will provide both males and females. The Spa business is devoted to providing holistic methods of Therapeutic Body Massage, body work, and energy work. This is all done in a relaxing, serene setting.

Our Specified Expertise includes:
  • Spa Operations and Management
  • Spa Franchise & Brand Management
  • Pre-launch and Opening Management
  • Spa Concept Design and Development
  • Training & Development
  • Treatment Creation
  • Fitness and Exercise Physiology
  • Health Club & Membership Management
  • Spa & Beauty Product
  • Spa Interior Design
  • Procurement & Supply
  • Financial Management
  • National & International Marketing
  • Repositioning - Spa & Spa Resorts
Luxury Spa Division of Alova Hospitality is SPA- ALOVA HOSPITALITY, where our track record demonstrates our ability to deliver on our promise to:
  • Design concept-based spas that are integrated into your hotel’s environment and local surroundings
  • Renovate or Upgrade existing spas
  • Implement the design to create a unique spa that offers clients a memorable experience
  • Manage and operate your facility based on a proven spa business & operational model that secures profitability and an outstanding customer spa experience.
  • Advice and Provide Professional Procurement & Supply Services for optimal selection of equipment, facilities and furniture to match your spa’s operational needs, design and budget
The Key to A Successful SPA

Hoteliers around the world are increasingly recognizing the specialized nature of the Spa and Wellness industry. By handing over their in-house Spa & Wellness Centre to a dedicated, professional Spa management company, they ensure continuity and sustainability of quality and business success. This is where Alova Hospitality can make all the difference. Our strengths in providing the Investor/Owner/Stakeholder with a luxurious Spa experience for their customers and an effective, profitable & successful Operation.

As design consultant, we can create and formulate the vision and hand it over to providing the Investor/Owner/Stakeholder. As both design consultants and management, we can implement it and operate it, long-term. Tap into the business potential of a top-notch in-house Hotel Spa. The Hotel industry has long realized that a spa is no longer merely a support facility but an essential part of a hotel’s offerings. From the travellers’ perspective, an in-house Spa is widely acknowledged as an absolute must for every luxury hotels and resorts; from the hoteliers’ perspective, a spa has the potential to contribute significantly to a hotel’s bottom line, directly and indirectly.

With decades of experience in spa, wellness, and hospitality, Alova Hospitality spa team have developed Spa services dedicated to elegant hotels & resorts that are aligned with the fast-emerging wellness trends and the increasingly demanding and sophisticated Spa customer. The result is a comprehensive range of services that satisfies and benefits travellers and hotel owners alike.

We Can Make It Happen

Alova Hospitality was founded and is driven by experts in Spa, Wellness, and Hospitality – people who fully understand both the needs of today’s Spa clients, the integration of a Spa within the hotel environment and the ingredients of business success. Our team’s track record includes successful Spas that are both profitable and offer an exceptional Spa experience, making them award-winning facilities that exceed client expectations. Our team of professionals are specialized in all aspects of the Spa & Wellness Trends.

Precautions for Therapies/Treatments

Although Thai and other Western Massage Therapies offer multiple benefits, it may be contraindicated for some populations, patients with cancer, pregnant women and those suffering from back injury, such as a herniated disk, Weak and infirmed person, Thai & other western Massages are unlikely to be the right type of therapy for you

Guidelines from our Stakeholders:

Kindly do your Spa slot reservations in prior, and please carry the Booking Voucher to Spa Reception, 30 minutes prior to the given time of appointment against confirmed reservations. All the bookings are subject to Full Advance and no refund in case the patient /clients or guest do not attend the treatment in time or cancel his/her treatments


Time of Operations for our Hotel Spa & Wellness Centre is from 11AM to 11 PM followed by last Call for taking or confirming appointment is at 9:30 PM. All the services at Spa Alova Hospitality, are subject to prior appointment and full advance payment only. It is compulsory for all our guests to tick & sign and accept the terms and conditions mentioned in the Disclaimer Form which will be provided to them before their Treatments. Hence, this is very mandatory for of clients to advise us of any of their health conditions, allergies or injuries or such related under medical supervisions that could affect treatment by use of our facilities. Spa-Alova Hospitality Management only encourage Professionalism.

For Spa Reservations please call us at +91 9800703333 between 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM

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