Hotel & Spa Repositioning

Hotel & Spa Repositioning

As time goes on, your hotel is likely to experience changes and challenges from different areas and forces. Whatever the situation, Alova Hospitality will assist with what it takes to keep moving in the right direction.
Alova Hospitality has a proven track record of working with underperforming hotels in financial trouble. Our goal is to quickly diagnose issues with operations, marketing, and structure. With our proven hotel management philosophy, we can turn such hotels into low-risk assets for its lenders and investment/ownership groups.
We understand that in almost all cases, the goal is to improve revenue without adding significant expense. Through a multi-level approach to analyzing the hotel's current position with direct sales, relationship in the community, third party internet channels, reservation systems and brand contribution, we are able to create strategies to make an immediate positive impact on hotel revenue with minimal expense.
Once revenue has increased, we have relationships with hotel brokerage firms to assist the owner/lender with marketing the distressed hotel.


  • Identification of current and desired hotel market segments
  • Competitive analysis
  • Recommendation of improvements focusing on the property's competitive edge
  • Cost analysis of renovations and/or operating changes
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Forecasted operating results

We stress on RevPAR –GopPAR which impacts and we design Pricing Matrix according to the High, Medium & Low Season

  • Increasing Occupancy
  • Maximizing Revenue and Profit
  • Increase rooms ADR


  • Guidance with all phases of hotel development and with all property types
  • Market analysis
  • Pre-opening services with detailed critical path strategy
  • Finance-securing assistance
  • Pro-forma and valuation analysis
  • Guidance with furniture/fixtures/equipment purchasing
  • Plan review
  • Flexible contract terms