Revenue Management

Alova Hospitality is more concerned about Revenue Management for all its properties under the Management Contract, Revenue Management is a commercial management technique that helps us to sell the right product at the right moment at the right price to the right client
What is our strategies is 80% sales are influenced by Online Channels by decreasing expected to respond time to the clients.

We place your product : market vs. Your value – SWOT

We trace on the following reports

  • Historical Data – Statistics , demands , trends
  • Forecasts
  • Price Management Tools
  • Overall Strategy
  • Pricing Strategies
  • And how we address :
  • Fixed and perishable inventory
  • Anticipated Sales
  • Customer Segmentations

We stress on RevPAR –GopPAR which impacts and we design Pricing Matrix according to the High, Medium & Low Season

  • Increasing Occupancy
  • Maximizing Revenue and Profit
  • Increase rooms ADR

We proof results of progress which are measured

  • MPI- Market Penetration Index
  • ARI- Average Rate Index
  • RGI- Revenue Generator Index

We ensure Certain Parameters to measure efficacy

  • Rev PAR- Room Revenue Per Available Room
  • TREVPAR- Total Revenue Per Client
  • GopPAR – Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room
  • Rev PAM- Conference/Banqueting Revenue Per Available M2
  • RevPASH- F&B Revenue per available seats and hour