Supply & Procurement

From Experience, We Can Confidently Recommend

You may be planning an all-new spa, or renovating and upgrading your existing facility; in cases, choosing new equipment and furniture is an important step – and one that is difficult and costly to reverse! Given the diversity of manufacturers in today’s global marketplace, the process of searching and screening is time- consuming. This is where ExclusivelySpa demonstrates valuable support: Knowing the market and the industry as we do, we have a clear picture of the most reliable brands, price ranges, functionality and above all value for money.

We will advise you on the optimal specifications and help you source equipment, facilities & furniture that best suits your spa concept, design, operational needs, space availability and budget. We cooperate with leading and high-end brands in the spa & wellness industry to ensure quality service and durable products. Our comprehensive multimodal logistics solutions allow us to deliver within your timeframe and budget.

The images and equipment on this website are merely a sample of the brands and products we represent. For the complete information or for a bespoke mix-and-match proposal, drop us a line or give us a call! Once we determine your needs, we can offer you ideas, inspiration and innovative approaches that will enhance your spa’s functionality and appeal.